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Treatment with removable prosthetics is a possible solution for some cases, but it is not the ideal treatment to restore 100% of the phonetics, function and aesthetics of the smile. So, let’s look at this clinical case.

This patient had been using removable dentures for many years, however, she did not feel comfortable or confident. Sometimes the prosthetics hurt her and came out of place. That being said,knowing the possibility of placing fully fixed teeth, he opted for the placement of dental implants and two prostheses fixed to these implants. The procedure we call Teeth in 1 Day. So,since that moment, his life has changed for the better, with an increase in confidence in eating, speaking and smiling in public.

Therefore, on the day the dental implants were placed in the mouth, the first temporary teeth were also attached. Then, a few months later, the final prostheses were attached, taking into account all the details that would make a difference.

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