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Oral Hygiene and GBT

Proper oral hygiene is critical to your mouth and overall health. Brushing your teeth, flossing and periodically visiting your hygienist are simple habits that make all the difference in preventing oral diseases such as cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

The GBT — Guided Biofilm Therapy is an innovative treatment which seeks to prevent and treat oral diseases through a more complete and personalized approach.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is GBT treatment?

GBT — Guided Biofilm Therapy is a treatment that consists of identifying the biofilm present in the patient’s mouth and developing a specific treatment plan for each case.

This treatment completely removes plaque, which is the main cause of oral diseases. In addition, this treatment also helps controlling soft tissue inflammation.

What are the advantages of GBT over conventional dental scaling?

This oral hygiene technique — available at AM SMILING clinic – has the advantage of being minimally invasive, efficient and painless.

We can definitely say that the GBT — Guided Biofilm Therapy is an innovative and efficient method.

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