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Operative Dentistry

There are currently endless possibilities to achieve your dream smile, however one of the most important things is your oral health. Dentistry is the branch of Dental Medicine that treats injuries to the teeth, cavities, trauma and corrects their anatomy. All materials used for restorations are biocompatible with your body. At AM SMILING, we have a solution for everyone and our goal is to meet your goal.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay, cavities or caries is an infectious disease caused by bacteria found in the oral cavity that cause partial or total destruction of the tooth.

But can I have cavities and not have pain? How do I know if I have it?

Yes, you can have cavities and not feel any pain. The pain usually only appears when the caries is already very extensive and reaches the dental nerve.

Should the decayed tooth be restored with composite resins or with ceramic dental restorations?

The restorative material used varies depending on the severity of the trauma or the extent of the caries and the respective use of the healthy tooth. A composite resin tooth restoration can be carried out or, in the case of large restorations, it may be necessary to go for a ceramic material to increase the strength and durability of the procedure.

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