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Endodontics – Dental Microscopy, better known as dental devitalization, is the procedure intended to treat pathologies of the dental pulp, better known as the tooth nerve. Our teeth are made up of blood vessels and nerves, which extend to the root of the tooth through the root canals. When the canal where this vasculo-nervous roller is located is affected, the patient often feels pain and the tooth has to be devitalized.

At AM SMILING clinic, we always use the magnifying microscope and the rubber dam, which, together with the mechanical preparation of the channels and obturation by thermal compression, bring the success rate to figures between 90% and 95% of sucess.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions is it necessary for this procedure?

The procedure varies greatly depending on the degree of complexity of the tooth. Nevertheless, one appointment is usually enough.

I have already devitalized a tooth that is now hurting again. Is it possible?

Yes, this can happen due to many reasons. Sometimes it has to be retracted, also to ensure the correct conservation of the remaining teeth.

Before getting my tooth devitalized it didn't hurt, and now I have pain. Is that normal?

This must be the most frequent question we hear and also the one that surprises the most. Yes, that can happen. After the devitalization of a tooth, the tissues and bone react to the treatment and fight the infection, which can create a short-term pain and it can easily be treated with an anti-inflammatory.

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