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Dental Veneers

The treatment using ceramic dental veneers is one of the most successful in achieving the perfect smile. These are designed to hide small flaws in a tooth’s anatomy and colour. This treatment consists of fixing small ceramic blades to the natural tooth that has been previously prepared with minimally invasive wear.

Dental veneers allow us to:

  • Maintain the natural structure of the smile
  • Achieve the perfection you want (by correcting minor flaws)
  • Preserve natural teeth

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is the durability of dental veneers?

The treatment with dental veneers combines aesthetics with the functional part of a smile and, when taken good care of, it can last for many years. However, certain precautions are crucial. Good oral hygiene and a regular visit to your dentist are two of the fundamental aspects that allow the above-mentioned durability.

What is the difference between composite veneers and ceramic veneers?

Ceramic dental veneers are made of a more resistant and polished material. Due to this fact, they have greater resistance and less pigmentation over time.

Do dental veneers fall out?

As long as the dental substrate has the necessary conditions and the fixation process of these very thin blades is done accordingly, the veneers do not fall out. It is also essential that the occlusal contacts of your teeth are correct so that you do not run the risk of causing cracks in the facets due to exaggerated forces.

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