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Dental Implants

The dental implant is a titanium metal structure that is introduced into the oral tissues to fix and stabilize a dental prosthesis. They are used to replace one or more missing teeth.

After the loss of a permanent tooth and in order to prevent the loss of bone and gum tissue in that location, a dental implant must be placed. This dental implant will also prevent the movement of adjacent teeth and restore chewing function in that area.

Dental implants offer surprising comfort and aesthetics and are intended to secure a crown, bridges or complete dentures.

Advantages of treatment with dental implants:

  • Safe treatment that allows you to smile again with confidence
  • Aesthetics and functionality
  • Biocompatibility and safety
  • Long-lasting treatment

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have pain during the placement of a dental implant?

No. The times of suffering in the dentist’s chair are long gone. All of our patients are medicated as needed. They do not feel pain during the consultation or post-operatively as long as the appropriate techniques are used.

How long do dental implants last?

There are risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol or systemic diseases that can affect the durability of a dental implant. However, correct oral hygiene and health and regular visits to your dentist promote the survival of dental implants over the years, and can often last a lifetime.

Can I get a dental implant if I don't have bone?

Yes. There are some bone grafting techniques that allow us to reestablish the minimum height and thickness of bone necessary for the correct placement of a dental implant.

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